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THE TODAK FESTIVAL 2018/19 is a largest Malaysia e-sports community festival.This festival will feature e-sports competitions such as Mobile Games, Virtual Reality (VR) Games besides providing food festival and local band performances that will bringtogether more than 10,000 crowds and 2000 troops who will fight for Mobile Legends tournament and bring TODAK CUP trophies and pool prize money of RM 100,000.00

This tournament is organized in the effort to shape and embed the interest of the general public on the activities of digital sports that are now getting place in the eyes of the world. Through these activities, it can also indirectly create a Malaysian digital community in conducting healthy activities as the average digital sports enthusiast begins as early as 10 years old up to 40 years old. With the organizing of the TODAK CUP Tournament, we hope to create an innovative generation in line with the digital development flows


Todak Fest 19 is a FREE entrance event that opens to all. You just need to click the button below to register and get the entry pass in QR code. Just show your entrance pass QR code and you are in!

Mobile Legend Tournament where the champion will bring home pool prize money of RM 100,000 and the Todak Cup. Challenging match where the format will be run through the knockout round
The FIFA 2019 competition will also be held at TODAK FEST 2019 to win the pool prize money of RM3000 and you can also enjoy the experience of using VR
Watch and enjoy the special performances of the MASDO Band and HUJAN BAND that will rock the TODAK FEST 2019
Enjoy the creative food & drinks options that will be available throughout the TODAK FEST 2019

Todak Fest 2019 is the first tournament held by the Todak that focuses on Mobile Legends game. The participating streamers will be examined for their popularity as well as skills. Winners will get Fantastic Cash Rewards and a contract to become an official streamer to gain global exposure through the game and promotional activities!

Prize Pool


Mobile Legend Prize List

Become a member of the official all-star team to represent the tournament and get promotional resources all over the world!

RM 6,000.00 + Trophy + 500 Diamonds / Person
RM 2,400.00 + Trophy + 500 Diamonds / Person
RM 1,600.00 + Trophy + 500 Diamonds / Person
RM 1,200.00 + Trophy + 500 Diamonds / Person
RM 800.00 + Trophy + 500 Diamonds / Person
500 Low Value
10 Skin Worth 399

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Rules & Regulation

1 This tournament registration is only for MALAYSIAN.

2 Players below the age of 18 are required to acquire parent’s consent to participate.

3 Players are not allowed to join more than 1 team. (1 team per qualifiers and for the whole tournament period).

4 Player must be available for all tournament -related activities they are involved in, including, but not limited to, match days and media appearances.

5 Competitors can wear their official team uniforms during the whole TODAK tournament period. All starting team members must wear their uniforms throughout the tournament.

6 A team must consist of the following members:

1. 5 main player (Necessary)

2. 1 Substitute player (Optional)

3. 1 manager (Optional)

7 Registration can only be done through TODAK's official website, and participants are required to fill in all required information space.

8 Team ownership is determined by 51% of the team members during registration.

9 Tournament Officials have the ability to deny a team name if it does not reflect the professional standards bought by the Organizer and the team will be required to change their name.

10 By registering, Teams acknowledge that all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the tournament have been given legal consent by the players for media and marketing purposes. Read the full Terms and Conditions for Mobile Legend Tournament Here

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