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Todak Alpha Standard Gaming Chair

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 86 × 69 × 35 cm
Todak Alpha Standard Color

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7 reviews for Todak Alpha Standard Gaming Chair

  1. khaleeda_

    Selesa sangat boleh bersila. Tapi kalau org berbadan besar tak selesa sangat lah.

  2. Adam Zainal

    Kerusi ni agak keras sikit tapi still selesa n kurang sakit belakang dah sejak pakai walaupun duduk lama buat kerja. Design nice n simple sesuai kat mana2 je. Really recommended this.

  3. Shafik

    For a “standard” version, the quality of the chair is way better and thicker compared to other “standard” version of other brands I used before. The option of no pillow support, suprisingly good because of the chair back design.

  4. asnawiaziz92

    Cushion untuk badan sangat sedap,x keras sangat so kalau nak duduk lama memang comfy.Boleh adjust angle and x jatuh belakang so boleh tgk movie sambil baring.Two thumbs up!

  5. MinSiKacakPandai

    Thank god for this chair I can have a very nice killing streak in Battlefield 1. The chair made me very comfortable in playing the game! The arm rest really helps me to rest my both of my arms! The leather of this standard version is also very great in terms of comfortableness! I owned 2 other gaming chairs but this one captured my attention the most! Totally worth the price!

  6. Mina

    Selesa betul kerusi ni! worth to buy!

  7. Benedict Chung Ming Yuen

    Very comfy and I love all the colors but my fave is the pink one! I also can sit down for hooours without getting back pain!! 11/10 will buy another one for my nephew

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