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  • Todak Bean Bag


    Experience comfort like no other while gaming, watching television, or just plain relaxing. Curl up lazily with the beanbag’s natural seating and never worry about it getting badly damaged because of it’s double layer cover, high quality stitching and PU Leather. Not only that, the single layer zipping also allows users to easily open up the bag either to replace the beans inside or for general upkeep. Plus, this is one of the only beanbags with side pockets and headset hanger which acts as a quality of life improvements.

    *Beans for the Todak Bean Bag (Without Beans) can be purchased via Third Party Shopee Vendor.

    or up to 3 interest-free payments starting from just RM83.33 with

  • Todak Frame BODO


    Todak’s first visionary lifestyle eyewear comes equipped with fully immersive integrated stereo speakers and a built-in noise-cancelling microphone. The BT5.0 Full Bluetooth functionality (iOS and Android) keeps your hands free for more critical engaging activities. At the same time, the lens UV protection, plus the workout and rain-friendly (IPX4 waterproof) status of the frame allow for a worry-free experience anywhere and anytime.

    Frame Dimension: 160mm x 140mm x 49mm
    Lens Dimension: 52mm x 18mm x 149mm

    or up to 3 interest-free payments of RM120 with

  • Gaming Table – GT101


    Exclusively built with gamers in mind, the GT101 Gaming Table ensures that you perform well consistently, whether it’s for gaming or even for work. Lightweight, strong, and durable, the waterproof and anti-skid carbon fibre surface provides ample room. In contrast, the carbon steel metal legs make the table impervious to average damages while boosting structural balance and increasing stability. The table also comes equipped with a cup holder, headset hook, cable management box, and a full-size mouse pad.

    or up to 3 interest-free payments of RM199.67 with

  • Todak Gaming Chair – Premium II


    Built exclusively with the concept of dominance and supremacy in gaming, the Alpha Premium II provides you with the perfect support in the most optimal of gaming positions. The best option when planning to game for an extended period of hours, Environmentally safe PU leather gives out a premium look throughout the chair while its impermeability makes cleaning an entirely easy task. The high steel frame of the flat seat base design provides optimum stability, while the interchangeable headrests (consisting of 3 pillows) help to minimise soreness from long gaming hours. Fully adjustable 4D armrests (left, right, up, and down adjustable), classic butterfly mechanism, full tilt mechanism, heavy-duty aluminium wheelbase, and a hubless PU castor further illuminate the advancement made towards the overall built quality.

    or up to 3 interest-free payments of RM483 with

  • Collapsible Green Screen


    Conserving time and speeding up the set-up process is the overall goal for this Collapsible Green Screen. The kit’s pop-up tech/pull-up design ensures that anyone can start using it instantly, while it’s lightweight, but firm structure prevents any form of movement during usage. Its concealable design and fast retraction time make the storing and carrying process much more manageable. At the same time, the internal scissor frame helps stretch the fabric, allowing for a smooth and even surface. Also, the high durability of the Oxford Fabric provides for a variety of different demanding applications.

    or up to 3 interest-free payments of RM199.97 with

  • Todak Gaming Chair – Zouhud


    Todak’s most affordable and economical gaming chair allows you to have the most optimal gaming experiences while maintaining the signature Todak quality. The black elastic fibre is stylish and provides you with the perfect blend of smoothness, softness, and breathability. Take complete control with the full-tilt mechanism and reinforced base, along with the memory foam headrest and 155 degrees tilt-in-space.

    With the Todak Zouhud, it’s time to experience a new perspective gaming.

    Only available in Semenanjung Malaysia

    or up to 3 interest-free payments starting from just RM233 with

  • Todak Gaming Chair – Alpha II


    Todak aims to push the envelope even further, proving that comfortability precedes all when it comes to a gaming chair.

    The soft premium Kenyan anti-stain fabric that’s both water-repellent and breathable keeps you constantly cool and sweat-free, while its two unique colour variant (Dark Grey or White Cement) provides a remarkable contrast with each other. Fully adjustable 4D armrests (left, right, up, and down adjustable), classic butterfly mechanism, heavy-duty chrome wheelbase, and a hubless PU castor further illuminate the advancement made towards the overall built quality.

    The Todak Alpha II, built exclusively for comfort.

    or up to 3 interest-free payments starting from just RM399.67 with