Todak Culture is the first division of the Todak brand. Established in 2017, Todak Culture started from a small team with only one product in its arsenal, the Todak Alpha Gaming Chair. As time goes on, within the same year, Todak Culture and the team grew hand in hand. We have moved to a bigger facility at the heart of Cyberjaya equipped with the state-of-the-art commodities with only one aim: to set the trend for everyone globally.

Todak Culture is responsible in manufacturing well-designed and premium products to complement the identity of the Todak brand. Our product range covers from the casual apparels, streetwear, gaming peripherals and accessories. On top of that, we also have a professionally- equipped studio with the ability to create a high-quality content to cater our global audiences. With the “Langgar” philosophy instilled, we are aiming at inculcating the Todak Attitude in the hearts of our audiences and “Breaking The Limits”.

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